Welcome to Siam River

Siam River is the heart and life of Thai people. Thai people call it "Choa Pra Ya River" which means "The Great River." Siam River is originally in the southern part of China and northern part of Thailand. She runs from the north, passing the central plain of Thailand to the Gulf of Thailand, creating very rich land for agriculture and fishing. There is an old saying that "In the water, there is fish; in the field, there is rice." Thai people smile with happiness and peacefulness.

Thai Cuisine

Thai cooking is a mix between two Asian cuisines, Chinese and Indian. The basis of this popular cuisine is rice and noodles. We serve more fish and vegetables than meat and the most important elements are spices and herbs, which make this cuisine uniquely different from others. The distinctive flavors of Thai cooking are the native ingredients such as: coriander leaf, coconut, coriander seed, kaffir lime, galangal, ginger, basil, fish sauce and lemon grass. Traditionally, Thai families will have their meals together and share all the dishes, guests are always treated very special. Siam River is very proud to give you the best of our cooking and the warmest welcome.

Please be our special guest.

Spicy Levels

0 = Very Mild For Babies Under 6 Years Old
1 = Little Spicy For Kids 6-12 Years Old, "Give Yourself A Chance"
2 = Medium For Teenage 13-21 Years Old, "That's the Way It Should Be"
3 = Spicy For a Strong Man or Woman 21 Years Old or Older, "Think Twice!"
4 = Very Spicy For Mad Thai People Only, "If You Are Mad"
WARNlNG: Age Only Applies to Thai People